The Legal Requirements for Scooter Insurance

The scooter has become the most popular mode of transport for an ever increasing number of the population for a variety of reasons.  It is quick, convenient, costs less on petrol than a car and there are no parking charges.  Additionally, because it takes up less space than a car, it is easier to avoid the traffic congestion which is today so prevalent. Using a scooter is therefore regarded as being less stressful than using cars or public transport.  Many scooter riders enjoy the experience and freedom of travelling on the roads and are mainly recreational users rather than commuters.
However, assuming an individual already has the right licence to ride a scooter, there is a legal requirement to have scooter insurance.  There must be cover to pay for treatment or repairs if the scooter injures another party or vehicle. There may also be an accident which causes injuries to the scooter rider and the cost of medical bills must be covered or the scooter may be damaged if it slips on any icy road and hits something else.

Types of Scooter Insurance

There are three types to choose from:-

1.Third Party – this is the cheapest and the insured rider is covered for damage or injuries to other individuals or their property.

2.Third Party, Fire and Theft – this insurance covers for the scooter being set on fire or stolen in addition to cover for third parties as above at No.1.

3.Fully Comprehensive – in addition to insurance cover for third party, fire and theft, fully comprehensive insurance covers repairs to the scooter and rider after an accident even if there was no other party involved.  This is obviously the most expensive type of insurance.

Additionally, the insured person will agree on an “excess” which is the amount that he/she will have to pay towards the cost of any repair.  Generally, the higher the amount of excess agreed, the lower the cost of the scooter insurance.
If fully comprehensive insurance is chosen for scooter insurance, the insurance company may request that the insured buy a lock or security device to ensure the safety of the scooter when not in use.
Choosing Scooter Insurance
Before deciding on which agent or broker to choose, it is advisable to compare scooter insurance on websites online.  Many insurers will offer preferential  rates to  scooter drivers who  are , for example, aged 16 to 24 years old, or 50 years old and over, or who are female. On the other hand there are insurers who will not provide insurance cover for Japanese scooters or other imported scooters.  It may be wiser to choose an insurance company who specialises in scooter insurance and can provide a wider range of cover options.
When an online quotation facility is used, the applicant for scooter insurance will fill in one form which can be circulated instantly to a wide range of insurers.  This will certainly increase the probability of finding a lower cost for insurance.  Once the choice has been made, it is better to phone the company the policy is being arranged with and check the details and small print. 
The cost of scooter insurance cover will probably decrease in real terms once a scooter rider has more experience on the road and has a good road safety record with the insurance company.