Celebrity Scooter Riders

Across the UK, scooter sales have been going through the roof mainly because of their economical attributes and the fact that they are very eco-friendly.   However, some of the reported sales can almost definitely be attributed to the fact that more and more celebrities are being seen out and about on their scooters though. The majority of the list below own models of the most famous brand of scooter – the Vespa – but this doesn’t mean to say that other scooters aren’t equally as trendy and worthy of being bought.

Below is a list of celebrities who have been spotted riding scooters:

Owen Wilson – comedy actor and all-round trendy guy,
Robbie Williams – singer extraordinaire (if you like that kind of thing),
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – the golden couple who have been spotted individually and indeed riding the same scooter,
Pete Townsend – another huge name and one of the most spotted celebrity scooter riders. In fact there are pictures of Mr Townsend riding his scooter through his front door and into his house!
Gwyneth Paltrow – magical actress that only stopped riding her scooter while pregnant. As soon as it was deemed safe to do so she was straight back in the saddle.
Kate Hudson – recently spotted riding around London with her son…and having a lot of fun in the process it can be added,
Sandra Bullock – well known actress that has been spotted several times riding an American model of scooter,
Nicole Kidman – admittedly this starlet was only riding a scooter for a film role but there is talk of her getting her own.

Obviously there are some big names here, many of which are considered to be at the top of the league table for trendiness and fashion sense. The biggest name is yet to come though, and here it is…

Jay Kay (from the band Jamiroquai) – this guy is well known for his love of fast cars, prestigious cars and all cars that we as mere mortals will never be able to afford. However recently Jay Kay has been seen out and about on a classic Vespa, and rumour has it that he actually owns two or three.

So, why wouldn’t you want a scooter when it is obviously a growing trend in ‘celebrity land’ to own and ride one? You may not be able to afford the customised models that Brad and Angelina ride around on but you should, almost definitely, be able to afford something similar.

In short the running costs are low, the tax is virtually non existent and the insurance is manageable even at a young age. And now as an added bonus it is seen as fashionable and stylish to ride a scooter. You could even customise your ride to make it look like Jay Kay’s or Brad Pitt’s and ride around exuding an air normally reserved for celebrities. Or alternatively you could just name drop to your friends so they too understand how ‘cool’ it is to ride a scooter.